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SRHOA Annual Homeowners' Meeting: Oct. 29

will be Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014, beginning at 7pm (registration begins at 6:30pm), at the Cedar Park Library large meeting room.  You should have received your meeting packet from Real Manage in the mail as of October 6, 2014. There will be one open Board of Directors position this year. You must be present to vote or submit your proxy for quorum and voting.

Agenda is as follows:
Call to Order- 7 p.m.

1)Roll call/Certifying of Proxies/Proof of Notice of Meeting.

2) Reading and Approval of October 16, 2013, Annual Meeting Minutes

3) Board of Directors’ President’s report/Treasurer’s report

4) Manager’s Report

5) Election of one new Director for 3-year term

6) Communications from Members (signed-in guest speakers in order of sign-in, 3-minute limit per person, maximum of 30 minutes for all signed-in combined).

7) New Business




Pool closed

for the season as of today, September 29, 2014.

Thanks for enjoying this summer!


September HOA meeting

will be Wednesday, Sept 17, at 630 pm, at the Real Manage office.

They are located at 9601 Amberglen Blvd, Suite 150, Austin, TX, 78729.

Agenda is as follows:

Call to Order (open session)

Announcement of Board Quorum

Communication/concerns from homeowners (5 minutes per homeowner/address maximum time)

Minutes review/approve from previous meeting 8/2014

Finanical/treasurer’s report

Review proposals/progress:

Retention pond storm drain cleanout (Sunscapes)

Pool maintenance/treatments

Items approved via email inserted into Minutes

Annual meeting date and agenda setting

New Business


-Board hearings, Deliquencies and Collections, Violations, Legal matters

NOTE: Closed Session is not open to homeowners, due to individual privacy and legal concerns.

Reconvene to OPEN SESSION

Oral Summary of Actions taken in Executive Session

Action Items

Next Meeting announcement




Pool rules

Hello Ranchers,

Parents, please be advised that if your kids are at the pool with you or by themselves (14 years older and up) that they MUST follow all posted rules. There has been a rash of incidents recently involving tweens/teens and pool furniture IN the pool.

If your kid is caught putting furniture, food, water balloons, anything not allowed by the rules in the pool, YOUR access card will be suspended for 1 year. 

This is for safety and enjoyment of our pool by all residents.

Thank you in advance for your continued rule compliance.

Sincerely, Your SRHOA Board of Directors and homeowners


Pool closing date

Hello Ranchers,

Please note the pool closing date this year will be Monday Sept. 29th.

Thank you and enjoy this final month of pool season!